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Turkey is a nation of contrasts, blending modern industry and traditional agriculture to become the sixteenth largest global economy.

Positioned between Europe and Asia, it bridges two worlds while remaining distinct. Economic growth faces challenges, with a high deficit and dependence on short-term investments.

Ethnic tensions persist, particularly with the Kurdish population, leading to conflicts over cultural recognition.

Despite a historical Christian presence, modern Turkey sees strong persecution of Christians. The predominant Islamic identity discourages conversions, and evangelism is met with resistance. Amidst these challenges, a call to embrace God’s love and peace echoes across the nation, bridging the cultural and religious divides with hope and faith.

Turkish man dressed up in a suit
map of Turkey and surrounding countries

Fast Facts

Capital City: Ankara

Population: 86 million (99% unreached)

People Groups: 85

Unreached People Groups: 57

Frontier People Groups: 36

10/40 Window: Yes

map of people groups in Turkey

Major People Groups: 62% Turk; 17% Northern Kurd; 7% Crimean Tatar

Major Religions: Islam 98%

Language: Turkish

GDP Per Capita: $28,400

Literacy Rate: 97%

Did you know? St. Peter’s Cave Church in Antioch is believed to be the world’s first Christian church.

Pray for the unreached people groups of Turkey

The Turks are one of the largest unreached people groups in the world. Turkey is also home to 56 other unreached people groups and 36 frontier people groups.

Below are the 10 largest unreached people groups in Turkey:


Name Religion Population
1. Turk Islam 61,482,000
2. Kurd, Kurmanji Islam 9,252,000
3. Kurd, Turkish-speaking Islam 6,412,000
4. Zaza-Dimli Islam 1,316,000
5. Kabardian Islam 1,203,000
6. Arab, North Iraqi Islam 590,000
7. Alawite Islam 564,000
8. Yoruk Islam 473,000
9. Deaf Islam 429,000
10. Pomak Islam 396,000


Pray for Christians being persecuted

Turkey is ranked #50 on the 2024 World Watch List published by Open Doors.

Religious nationalism is very strong in Turkey. Anyone who is not a Muslim is considered disloyal and unpatriotic.

Since religious affiliation is still recorded on ID cards, it is easy to discriminate against Christian job applicants. Although conversion from Islam to Christianity is not illegal, converts are put under pressure by their families and communities to return to Islam. If their faith is discovered, they may be threatened with divorce and the loss of inheritance rights.


World Watch List

You can learn about Christian persecution and pray for our brothers and sisters who being persecuted around the world by praying through the Open Doors’ World Watch List.


Pray for Turkey

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