Kid's Corner

Cultivate a love for God and global missions in your family using the resources below!

How It Works

The core of Pray1040’s strategy for families is to “slow drip” learning and prayer through once-a-week educational emails. This will help your family learn about, talk about, and do missions together sustainably and consistently over the years.

The 3 themed email series below will guide your family through:

  1. Meeting kids from unreached people groups – UPG
  2. Discovering God’s heart for the nations in the Bible – Bible
  3. Integrating missions into your family rhythms – Family Activities

Each week there is an activity that will enhance your child’s learning about that topic.

Ages: 4-12
Duration:  each series is 29 weeks
Content From: Weave

Email Series

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Connect with kids from unreached people groups!

The UPG series includes 29 first-person stories that provide a window into the lives of boys and girls in unreached people groups. Stories include an interactive cultural activity, a suggested recipe, and prayer focus.

View a sample UPG email.

Sends on: Wednesdays

Preview the 29 UPGs
  1. Tukulor
  2. Tunisian Arabs
  3. Bhutanese
  4. Kazakhs
  5. Brahmin of India
  6. Hindus of Kolkata
  7. Dai
  8. Uzbek
  9. Central Bhil
  10. Northern Yemeni
  11. Fulani
  12. Bouyei
  13. Shan
  14. Bania
  15. Turks
  16. Riffians
  17. Han
  18. Lao
  19. Malay
  20. Yanomamo
  21. Vietnamese
  22. Ansari
  23. Nosu
  24. Rajputs
  25. The Kham
  26. Emirati Arabs
  27. Central Khmer
  28. The Tuareg
  29. The Tajiks


Discover God’s heart for the nations in the Bible

The Bible series contains 29 family devotions and activities that trace God’s global heart throughout Scripture.

View a sample Bible email.

Sends on: Mondays

Preview the 29 Bible Stories
  1. Creation
  2. Man’s Fall
  3. Noah
  4. Babel
  5. Abraham
  6. Isaac
  7. Jacob
  8. Joseph
  9. Moses
  10. The Red Sea
  11. God’s Law
  12. Love the Foreigner
  13. Rahab
  14. Crossing the Jordan
  15. Ruth
  16. David and Goliath
  17. The Temple
  18. Queen of Sheba
  19. Naaman
  20. Songs of Purpose
  21. Jonah
  22. Isaiah
  23. Daniel
  24. Minor Prophets
  25. The Savior
  26. The Father’s Business
  27. Public Reading
  28. Fishers of Men
  29. Nicodemus

Family Activities

Integrate missions into your everyday life

This series includes 29 activities for families that encourage new traditions, intentional lifestyle changes, and ministry involvement in reaching the nations.

View a sample Family Activity email.

Sends on: Fridays

Preview the 29 Activities
  1. School
  2. Mealtime
  3. Bedtime
  4. Secret Church
  5. Entertainment
  6. Free Time
  7. Car Time
  8. Holidays
  9. Worship
  10. Friends
  11. School Friends
  12. Music
  13. Mealtime Prayer
  14. Playtime
  15. Live Out God’s Work
  16. Bedtime Prayer
  17. Worship Music
  18. Car Time Media
  19. St. Patrick’s Day
  20. Cultural Instrument
  21. Vacation
  22. Inviting Others In
  23. Birthdays
  24. Cooking
  25. Shopping
  26. Storytime
  27. Prayer Driving
  28. Family Worship
  29. Summertime

Featured Books

Parenting with a Global Vision

This six-lesson resource helps parents respond to God’s invitation to families to change the world.

Window on the World

An age-appropriate prayer resource that develops cultural, political, and geographical awareness through a Christian lens.

The Big Story Series

The Big Story Series provides three simple ways to help disciple your family into God’s word, world, and work.

  1. Study God’s word each week through One Big Story.
  2. Learn about and pray for an unreached people group every month with One Big Vision.
  3. Practice World Christian habits all year long using ideas from One Big Adventure.

Perfect for family devotions, these books are available for free as PDF downloads from Weave. You can also purchase physical books individually or as a bundle within the United States.