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Morocco, often considered the “far west” of Africa, has a rich history influenced by Berbers, Arab conquerors, and European colonization. Its strategic location and abundant phosphate resources have made it an economic leader. The nation has a constitutional monarchy, with the king as both the head of state and religion.

Despite Sunni Islam being the state religion, Morocco tolerates religious diversity, including Christians and Jews, but freedoms have eroded over time. Christians are monitored, and some have faced imprisonment. Anti-Christian sentiment is prevalent, fueled by media. Christians worship discreetly due to the fear of religious violence.

Despite these challenges, a small Moroccan Christian community is emerging, with approximately 2,000 believers meeting in scattered house churches, facing unity and visibility struggles.

Moroccan man in desert with camels
map of Morocco

Fast Facts

Capital City: Rabat

Population: 37 million (100% unreached)

People Groups: 31

Unreached People Groups: 27

Frontier People Groups: 23

10/40 Window: Yes

map of people groups in Morocco

Major People Groups: 42% Moroccan Arab; 12% Arabized Berber; 9% Southern Shilha (Shleuh); 8% White Moor (Bidan); 7% Central Shilha (Berraber)

Major Religions: Islam 99%

Language: Arabic

GDP Per Capita: $6,900

Literacy Rate: 74%

Did you know? Traditional Moroccan houses, known as riads, offer tranquil and stunning accommodations with interior courtyards and gardens.

Pray for the unreached people groups of Morocco

Below are the 10 largest unreached people groups in Morocco:


Name Religion Population
1. Arab, Moroccan Islam 24,511,000
2. Berber, Southern Shilha Islam 3,471,000
3. Berber, Imazighen Islam 2,867,000
4. Berber, Rif Islam 1,610,000
5. Jebala Islam 1,297,000
6. Arab, Lebanese Islam 573,000
7. Berber, Drawa Islam 512,000
8. Berber, Filala Islam 384,000
9. Berber, Warain Islam 334,000
10. Moor Islam 308,000


Pray for Christians being persecuted

Morocco is ranked #24 on the 2024 World Watch List published by Open Doors.

In Morocco, it’s a criminal offence to ‘shake the faith of a Muslim’.

Christians are sometimes beaten, interrogated, arrested or fined for nothing more than carrying a Bible, or discussing Christian faith with a Muslim. Violent Islamic extremist groups operate in the region. Converts from Islam face intense pressure to renounce their faith or lose everything, even custody of their children. Christians suffer harassment online as well. It’s difficult to sustain any form of Christian fellowship.


World Watch List

You can learn about Christian persecution and pray for our brothers and sisters who being persecuted around the world by praying through the Open Doors’ World Watch List.


[God] has delivered us from such a deadly peril, and he will deliver us again. On him we have set our hope that he will continue to deliver us, as you help us by your prayers. Then many will give thanks on our behalf for the gracious favor granted us in answer to the prayers of many.


2 Corinthians 1:10-11

Pray for Morocco

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