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Israel, the Promised Land, is rich in historical and religious significance but marred by ongoing conflict. The nation has thrived despite limited resources, yet deep divisions persist between Palestinians and Jews. Disputes over land and a history of conflicts continue to fuel aggression.

Ethnic and religious tensions are compounded by drug trafficking from neighboring countries. While freedom of religion is a legal right, tensions persist among different religious groups. Messianic Jews face political challenges, and Christians often encounter harassment.

Despite these challenges, the gospel is spreading, with Christian Jews playing a significant role in sharing the message of the Messiah’s return through house churches and evangelical efforts.

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Fast Facts

Capital City: Jerusalem

Population: 9 million (97% unreached)

People Groups: 48

Unreached People Groups: 37

Frontier People Groups: 26

10/40 Window: Yes

map of people groups in Israel

Major People Groups: 19% Palestinian Arab; 15% Israeli Jewish (Sabra); 14% Jewish (Russian); 6% Romanian Jew; 6% Polish Jew

Major Religions: Judaism 71%, Islam 21%, Agnostic 5%, Christian 2%

Language: Hebrew, Arabic, English

GDP Per Capita: $38,300

Literacy Rate: 98%

Did you know? Israel is often referred to as the “Start-Up Nation” due to its high number of tech companies and innovation.

Pray for the unreached people groups of Israel

Even though Jews and Christians share the same heritage, relatively very few Jews have believe Jesus is their long-awaited Messiah. 97% of people in Israel live in unreached people groups.

Below are the 10 largest unreached people groups in Israel:


Name Religion Population
1. Israeli Jew Ethnic 5,007,000
2. Palestinian / Israeli Arab Islam 1,553,000
3. Russian Jew Ethnic 714,000
4. Romanian Jew Ethnic 214,000
5. Eastern Yiddish-speaking Jew Ethnic 188,000
6. Polish Jew Ethnic 134,000
7. Eastern Badawi Bedouin Islam 131,000
8. Yahudic Jew Ethnic 101,000
9. Druze Other / Small 79,000
10. Mountain Jew Ethnic 77,000


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