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Chad, a diverse African nation, is marked by stark geographical and cultural differences. With a multitude of ethnic groups and languages, the north is Sahara-dominated and Muslim, while the south boasts lush landscapes and a predominantly Christian and animist population.

A history of civil war has left 80% of Chadians living in poverty, coupled with dire healthcare deficiencies and the fifth-highest global death rate due to HIV/AIDS.

Over three decades of civil strife ensued following France’s 1960 withdrawal. Corrupt governance and political unrest have been recurring themes. Religious tolerance is upheld by the Muslim Zaghawa minority, though media control hampers diverse expression.

Chad stands out as one of the few Muslim nations welcoming missionaries, offering hope for the yearning ears of those seeking the Good News. Despite the challenges, indigenous and expatriate efforts are making headway in sharing the Gospel, but unity and reconciliation are needed within both the nation and the Church.

Chadian girl
map of Chad in north central Africa

Fast Facts

Capital City: N’Djamena

Population: 18 million (55% unreached)

People Groups: 141

Unreached People Groups: 80

Frontier People Groups: 55

10/40 Window: Yes

map of people groups in Chad

Major People Groups: 11% Sara Gambai; 10% Shuwa (Chad Arab, Baggara); 6% Kanembu; 4% Daza; 3% Marfa

Major Religions: Muslim 57%, Christian 35%, Ethnic religions 7%

Language: Arabic, Ngambay, Kanembu

GDP Per Capita: $1,500

Literacy Rate: 22%

Did you know? The country is named after Lake Chad, one of Africa’s largest lakes, which borders Chad, Nigeria, Niger, and Cameroon.

Pray for the unreached people groups of Chad

Below are the 10 largest unreached people groups in Chad:


Name Religion Population
1. Baggara, Shuwa Arab Islam 3,385,000
2. Kanembu Islam 962,000
3. Maba, Mabangi Islam 590,000
4. Daza Islam 548,000
5. Hausa Islam 342,000
6. Fulani, Adamawa Islam 311,000
7. Bilala Islam 272,000
8. Tama Islam 215,000
9. Kanuri, Yerwa Islam 206,000
10. Zaghawa Islam 177,000


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