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Cambodia, nestled in Southeast Asia and bordered by neighboring countries, is recovering from a tumultuous past. The nation endured violent governmental changes, invasions, and the brutal Khmer Rouge regime. Despite the trauma, Cambodia is striving for peace and freedom.

With a predominantly Buddhist population, the emergence of Evangelical Christianity has persisted. Open worship since 1990 has led to the establishment of many new churches. However, the aftermath of historical trauma presents social and emotional challenges, making mature Christian leadership crucial for addressing the needs of the people, especially the younger generation, and fostering spiritual growth.

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Khmer Dancers kneeling
map of southeast Asia

Fast Facts

Capital City: Phnom Penh

Population: 17 million (96% unreached)

People Groups: 44

Unreached People Groups: 18

Frontier People Groups: 3

10/40 Window: Yes

people groups map of Cambodia

Major People Groups: 85% Khmer

Religion: Buddhism 82%

Language: Khmer

GDP Per Capita: $4,200

Literacy Rate: 80%

Did you know? Apsara dance, a traditional Khmer dance form, is known for its intricate hand movements and storytelling through dance

Pray for the unreached people groups of Cambodia

Cambodia is majority-Buddhist nation of only 17 million people with a fast-growing church. Below are the 10 largest unreached people groups in Cambodia:


Name Religion Population
1. Khmer Buddhism 14,235,000
2. Vietnamese Buddhism 827,000
3. Khmer Krom Buddhism 284,000
4. Western Cham Islam 256,000
5. Teochew Ethnic Religions 185,000
6. Min Nan Ethnic Religions 147,000
7. Kui Buddhism 35,000
8. Lao Buddhism 24,000
9. Cantonese Ethnic Religions 23,000
10. Malay Islam 18,000


Pray for Cambodia

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